Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Using Recycled Sari Ribbon Again

At the end of last week I moved all my sewing equipment to our lake house in Maine.  We'll spend as much time as we can up there for the next couple of months.  The lake views are distracting, calming and energizing all at the same time.  My sewing machine sits on a card table in a corner of the livingroom with windows on two side.  This time of year the water's still high so I feel like I could reach out and touch it right from where I sit.  The view doesn't keep me from working though, and Monday I finished another jacket.

I incorporated insets of the recycled sari ribbon again in this one.  I used the technique of laying the ribbons over an organza base and stitching them down till everything held together.  This time I actually wove the ribbons together before stitching, but I hung onto my Wabi Sabi theme and left lots of crinkles and raw edges.  I also used quite a random weaving pattern based on how much of a certain color I wanted to show.  Since I was going to stitch over all of it, I didn't have to worry about the weaving holding it together.

Here's what it looked like before I started to cut it up.

And here's the jacket with the inset pieces.  This is the back.
And here's the front:

I call this one Sari Reprise.

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