Friday, April 30, 2010

Revisiting Grandmother's Flower Garden

I've been madly trying to finish projects this week before flying off to Milwaukee tonight.  This post was basically the last thing on my list.  I wanted to share the picture of the wall quilt I finished last night for my mother-in-law.  It's her 90th birthday on Sunday and we're having a party for her to celebrate.
So here it is - finally complete.  I've been working on it for so long, I'm not sure how I feel about it now that it's done.  I'm not sure it works artistically, but it contains so much history and sentiment that I'm glad I kept at it.  

I also finished that jacket I've been showing you.  Before I leave today I'll take it down to The Loading Dock Gallery.  Tomorrow is open studios.  Maybe if the stars shine on me, I'll come back on Monday and someone will have decided that it was just the thing for their mother for Mothers Day.  That would make me absurdly happy.
Yesterday I went into Boston to drop off jackets at Bead + Fiber for their wearable art exhibit and fashion show next month.  Mary, a weaver who was gathering the things for the show, was very friendly and made me feel great by raving about my jackets and one in particular.  She asked if I did custom work, since it wasn't her size.  I let her know that I am very happy to do custom jackets.

After dropping off my jackets I walked over to Chinatown and met Sonja for lunch.  The food was great - and abundant.  I ate all I could and still have enough for a couple more lunches.

Whenever I finish a jacket I always try to do one small clean-up/organizing project around here before starting the next one.  So I guess that's what I'll come back to on Monday.  After finishing Summer Sunset I cleaned out my thread drawer.  I had received a gift of about 20 spools of thread and needed to make space for them.  Here's what the drawer looked like before I got to work.
I went through and rewound thread ends on the spools and anchored them and sorted them by color family.  Now it looks like this:
Not only can I more easily find things now, in the process of organizing I also found some threads that went very well with the Taj Mahal fabric and added them in.  It was well worth it.

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