Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Summer Sunset Jacket Complete

Here's the latest addition to my collection - completed just this morning.  I have to admit that I'm pleased.  Everything came together just the way I had imagined.  I love the way the colors blend together and how the Stef Francis threads and the buttons catch the light.  

When I first exhibited my jackets at The Loading Dock Gallery a couple of years ago, my friend Maxine convinced me that as works of art they needed individual names.  Sometimes it is hard to find a name that says something about the jacket, but this time the "right" name for it came to me early on.  The color combination and the bits of light kept reminding me of a Summer Sunset.

Here's a detail shot of the buttons and threads.  If I were a better photographer you'd see that the buttons actually have two levels--with textured sparkly gold over an iridescent bronzey purple.  They are gorgeous.

Now I need to figure out the next jacket.  I took several fabrics home to prewash last week, but none of them have caught my fancy just yet.  After lunch today I'll dig through my stash again to find a combination that excites me enough to get me going on the next project.  If I'm lucky enough, maybe I'll find more than one.

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