Wednesday, October 20, 2010

To Facebook or Not to Facebook???

That's the question I've been stewing about for what seems forever.  Earlier this month I finally decided and made the plunge.  I signed up and Sonja and I set up a page for Friends Fabric Art.  We don't have much up on our Friends page yet, but our goal is to highlight new products there, including pictures of how we've used the various products available in our web store.  We hope that it will also be a place to gather comments from our customers on how they've used things and what they've particularly liked (or disliked).  Yesterday I posted pictures of my latest series of small art quilts.

I have always enjoyed handwork and since I started quilting more than 20 years ago I have almost always had some type of handwork project going.  Since I started really concentrating on jackets, I'd gotten away from my small projects.  Over the summer I realized I really missed that and needed to get back into it.  To jump start my enthusiasm I decided to work with a Stef Francis Creative Embroidery kit that had been hanging around here for years.  However I found I just couldn't get my head into the specific project suggested in the kit.  The colors and materials in the kit kept calling my name, so I just decided to ignore the "project" totally and just play with the fabric, threads and beads in the kit.

Here's what I did.  The hand-dyed silk noil, the threads, and the beads came in the kit.  The ribbon was something that I bought from another vendor at a quilt show a while back.  The photos on fabric also had been hanging around here for a while.  The choices were all inspired by the color scheme in the kit.

The color scheme in the kit is so unusual for me, but I liked it so well that I decided to challenge myself to continue working with it for a while.  I want to see if I can do a dozen of these small works (9" x 12") all in that blue & orange theme.  I'm going to see what all unusual things I can incorporate in to them.

This was number one.  I'm currently working on number five.  You can see the entire series in the photo gallery on our Friends Fabric Art Facebook page.

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