Monday, December 6, 2010

Big Weekend for Art

I stayed home for a while this morning, trying to catch up on some of the cleaning that I didn't get done this weekend.  I spent just about the entire weekend at the studio.  Friday night was the opening reception for Winter Lights III at The Loading Dock Gallery downstairs.  All the artists in the show wore my jackets and two others along with two other young women did some walk-through modeling. It was a great time.  As I've said before it is great fun to see your work on real people.

Here's Peter Zimmerman in my new wescot.  He's in his studio just before the reception began.  As you can see he's a glass artist.  Peter is looking pretty serious and "grown up," but it wasn't all seriousness at the party.  Here are the two youngest models.  They really got into it.

 The rest of the weekend was taken up with Open Studios here.  We were open both Saturday and Sunday afternoons.  Saturday especially it was really hopping around here.  I hope that bodes well for next weekend too.  We'll be open both Saturday and Sunday afternoons again.  (December 11 and 12 noon to 5)

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  1. Those two girls were cracking me up the whole night.