Thursday, December 2, 2010

New Man's Wescot

Yesterday I managed to finish the man's vest I committed to for tomorrow night's opening reception for the Winter Lights III show here at The Loading Dock Gallery.  What a relief when I took it down for Peter to try on and it fit.  He hadn't been around at the times during the construction when I needed a basic fitting.  With the timing of the reception I didn't have the luxury of waiting for him before going on.  At those points I nabbed whoever crossed my path and made them try it on.  Luckily at both points I ran into a man who was at least somewhat similar in size and build.  Based on those "fittings" and the basic boxy style of the vest, I was just trusting to luck that it would work out all right.  Thankfully luck was on my side.

So here's what I put together from the fabrics I discussed last time.
I call it "Off the Beaten Track" since it is not my usual woman's jacket.  I learned a lot from creating it.  Although the basic pattern is in the book Making Kimono and Japanese Clothing by Jenni Dobson, I do not follow her construction methods.  In order to create a piece that will look really good for many years to come, I incorporate fine tailoring techniques.  Thus each new style requires a lot of careful thought about how it all goes together and each time I make it the process gets refined.  This is definitely not quick production work, but I sure enjoy myself.

I'm pleased with this result and will make more of this style.  With this one, the main fabric is heavily textured, while the neckband and insets are a mid-weight cotton.  This means that the decorative bars on the front have a depth that helps them stand out.

If you are in the area, I hope you can join us at the reception tomorrow night - 6 to 9 p.m.  Details are available on Facebook.  If you can't make it tomorrow night, we will be open both Saturday and Sunday for the next two weekends for our annual Holiday Open Studios.  Please stop by to see us. 

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