Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New Jackets Completed

Since my last post I have finished two more jackets.  This first one I call Sheer Magic.

I had built up a stash of beautiful embroidered silks, including several sheers.  They'd been calling my name for some time, but I couldn't quite decide how I wanted to put them together.  I thought about creating a sheer jacket, but I knew it would need all French seams.  That process was just too daunting.  

In my usual fashion, I decided to just start in and see what happened.  In the process of laying out the fabrics to use, I noticed that layering the sheers over the other fabrics gave a beautiful haunting effect and that settled it for me.  In the body of the jacket the embroidered sheers are layered right over other embroidered fabrics.  In the collar and cuffs I've layered the embroidered sheers over a plain color.
The final design detail - couched rayon threads - was inspired by my daughter Sonja.  She'd pulled out several Stef Francis 5400 rayon threads for an order one day.  Turned out she'd taken out an extra one, but noticed that the colors coordinated beautifully with the fabrics I'd laid out on the table.  So she left it out for me to see.  The colors worked so well I just had to use it.

My most recently completed jacket also incorporates embroidered fabrics but this time I used embroidered linens.  
Again I added couched threads to accentuate the vine designs and add a hint of color to the tone-on-tone fabrics I'd chosen.

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