Monday, June 25, 2012

Bright Colors on a Dreary Day

It's a gray day here in Maine.  The rain comes and goes, with periods of thunder and lightning.  The cloud formations keep changing; sometimes you can see across the lake and sometimes you can't.  It's kind of dreary, but there's always something to see.  A pair of loons just drifted lazily by, so I'm enjoying myself despite the gloom.

Here's the view from one of our front windows.  This was taken a few days ago when the sky had started to brighten a bit from what it is now.  Today we've got those same low dark clouds.

Here's my "view" inside today.  
I'm starting a new jacket with colors to brighten the day.  This is going to be another of my peek-a-boo jackets.  The bright blue linen is the outside; the batik stripes will be the lining, collar and cuffs.  I have cut triangular holes in the blue to allow the wild lining to show through.  (You can see my sample piece on the left here.)  I found a great nubby yarn in the right colors that I will add on the surface to bring in more texture and line (and help to hold down the facings of the triangles).  When I work on something so colorful and whimsical, I feel like I'm just playing not working.

It's a happy contrast to the one I just finished--Drama in Black & White.

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