Monday, November 5, 2012

Meditative Stitching

My week is off to such a lovely start, I just had to share...
I got to the studio this morning about 9, after a refreshing water fitness class at the local Y.  By about 10, the sun had come out and burned away the clouds.  It is now streaming through the windows here in my studios, warming it up so nicely I have taken off the bulky sweater I was wearing over my turtleneck.  Glenn has Gregorian chant music playing in his studio across the hall which seems the perfect accompaniment to the undulating lines I've been stitching on a free lace scarf.  It gives me such a nice content feeling...
My plan is to create several new free lace scarves this month to put in the Winter Lights V show at The Loading Dock Gallery later this month.  The scarf I'm working on now is designed to coordinate with the jacket I finished most recently.

I call this one Celebration because I was working on it when I found out that I was a fully qualified juried member of the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen.  It uses a combination of a bluish purple linen-like fabric and a cotton with a batik-type pattern.  (The fabrics were someone else's cast-offs, so I can't be sure of the composition.)  The bluish purple has a lovely sheen to it.  I think it might be a linen and silk blend.  I have embellished the cotton by couching over it with a variegated slub yarn.  I have used that same yarn in the free lace scarf.  I'll let you know how it looks when I'm all finished.

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