Friday, February 3, 2012

Achieved a New Milestone this Week

This has been a nerve-wracking and an exhilarating week.
First, I finished the sleeves on Kim's jacket and got them set in.  In every project I work on, I always go back and forth on how much or even whether I like the results.  For this one, it wasn't until I got the first sleeve in that I was totally sure that I was pleased with the piecing design.  Of course I was still nervous about it until Kim saw it and confirmed that she liked it too.
Here's the front

And the back
She came in to try it on Thursday.  I'll have to tweak the fit a bit before I put in the lining and bind the edges, but we're coming to the home stretch.

My next big hurdle for the week came on Wednesday when I traveled to Concord, New Hampshire for a jury session with the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen.  To say that I was nervous, is truly an understatement, but I am pleased to report that I was accepted.  It has been a struggle for me to keep working on passing this bar but I'm glad I kept working on it.  If it hadn't been for several of my friends here who are members supporting and prodding me, I'm sure I would have given up.  Of course, the real work is just beginning--I'm playing with the big kids now so I'll have to raise my standards all around.  

First thing I did was to set up my profile on the League site.  I'm really there under fiber artists.  Check it out.  The next thing I did was to meet with a photographer here, Adrien Bisson, to talk about getting some "real" photographs of women wearing my jackets.  Now I just have to see if I can line up some of my friends to model.  It's all very exciting and certainly fun.  I'll keep you posted.

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