Friday, October 25, 2013

Still making scarves

Here are the latest two Free Lace scarves in my inventory.  They are headed to Dahlia's Annual Scarf Show tomorrow morning.  I've been having fun with items from my stash.  These use some colorful ladder yarns given to me by my new friend down the hall Julia Farwell-Clay and bits of hand-dyed silk chiffon (the red violet) and charmeuse (the green and blue).  As is often the case, Julia's "refuse" was my treasure.  The yarns she gave me fit oh-so-well with other things that I wanted to use.  It is so much fun to look through all the treasures to decide what will go together in the next project.

These are the last scarves for just a bit.  I'm experimenting now with some vests and tunics.  More on that soon.  Thanks for checking in.

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